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Meet ujji, a modern take on your oldest habit. Born from nature. backed by neuroscience. proven to ease stress and generate elevated calm and clarity like meditation.

All plants, real science.

The plant-based formula backed by 6000 years of global traditions and 1246 clinical studies.

Global artisanal ingredients.

Sourced from master producers on 3 continents in the regions where their ancient traditions began.

easy to enjoy.

Ujji ships directly to your door with free express shipping and can be prepared in seconds. Enjoy free 2-hour delivery in LA, SF, NYC, BK, CHI.
"Three days straight as a substitute to coffee and loving ujji already. Anxiety is way down. Honestly was scared I wouldn't like it (not the biggest fan of matcha) but holy shit it tastes like christmas in a cup."

Brendan • San Diego, CA

Verified Buyer

"It's a more effective kind of energy. I usually drink 3-4 cups of coffee and my appetite is wrecked by noon. I only need one ujji and can just power through the afternoon slump."

Aman • San Francisco, CA

verified buyer

"Ujji is hands down the best beverage in my life. The peace and calm I have is incredible. I have everyone on it."

Judy • Marietta, GA

verified buyer

"I truly feel like a new person after being with ujji for weeks."

Bailey • Los Angeles, CA

verified buyer

Stress less.

80% of Americans suffer from chronic stress. ujji’s ingredients are proven to create resilience to stress, reduce cortisol levels by 28%, and decrease stress-related anxiety & depression by 75%.

find your flow.

Creative work needs more than energy. Find flow with brain-nourishing ingredients proven to create calm and clarity similarly to meditation, elevate creativity, uplift and energize, and improve memory and cognition.

energy, meet enjoyment.

Try ujji risk-free with our 30 day money-back guarantee.

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